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Workshop with Manuel De Vits:"Lead Generation "

26 жовтня 2017 Україна, Харків


Виберіть кількість квитків, що ви бажаєте придбати
Виберіть кількість квитків, що ви бажаєте придбати
Квитки на захід "Workshop with Manuel De Vits:"Lead Generation "" (26-10-2017 – 26-10-2017)
Тип Кількість Ціна Сума
480,00 грн.
480,00 грн.
збір 14,40 грн.
Загальна сума 494,40 грн.

Про захід

Guys, welcome the second part of our 2-day workshop!

Our inspirational speaker Manuel De Vits. Are You always dreaming of talking with an expert of sales? Then You have a great opportunity to do it! Being in with him in the same room brings already results.

All the comments of the audience of previous workshop goes on the same way: Practical, easy to apply, motivating and inspirational.

This is a workshop for everybody who is in Sales! Services or products, junior or CEO.
�Little background about Manuel:�
— Actually coaching more than 10 sales teams in Ukraine and in Western Europe, Helping them to build their sales team, training them to lead generation, and building a strong sales strategy that brings quickly revenues.

— Partnering Talent.Today (Ukrainian company) as Business Development Director for Western Europe.

— Consulting d:evolute (a German Outsourcing Company, Berlin) for his Outbound Sales Strategy.

— Finished a 6 months mission for a Luxembourg automotive group (Opened 5 showroom with hiring, coaching and managing 25 Sales)

— building the sales division and outbound sales strategy for a new Internal recruitment agency of a Luxembourg IT Company.��Now, Manuel, is dedicating dedicate his time between East & Western Europe, speaking at international conference, helping IT companies to structure their sales department by coaching their team and giving workshops on many Sales, Marketing & Management topics

Come and learn new Sales Secrets on our Workshops!
Part 3. Lead Generation

How to do market research: a step by step guide to understand your buyer’s journey
How to identify needs
Difference of culture, ways of thinking and ways of making a decision
Outbound Leads vs Inbound Leads

Here you can take a look at two other workshops:

Workshop with Manuel De Vits: "Visiting Prospects & Sales at Conferences" - https://www.facebook.com/events/355642521528812
Workshop with Manuel De Vits:"Сold mailing & cold messaging" -https://www.facebook.com/events/1731033457191535

The place: Kharkiv, Divocha Str, 6
The time: 26th of October, at 15:00-18:00.
The price: 480 UAH.

And we have a great offer especially for YOU:
You can buy tickets for all 3 workshops only for 999 UAH -->https://goo.gl/GFBQyZ
26 жовтня 2017
15:00 — 18:00
вулиця Дівоча, 6, Харьков
Україна, Харків
вулиця Дівоча 6


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